Season of Change

I can’t believe 2011 is just about over. I’m certainly not one to get the buggy ahead of the horse, and I know that these final 10 days are but the most exciting and busy in many peoples lives. So there’s a lot of life left to live in 2011, but to many, the days that remain are a great foreshadowing of what great things are to come, in this case, in 2012.

2011 has obviously been a big year for me. From becoming a husband, to finding out I’m going to be an uncle; the Lord has definitely blessed and livelihood has undoubtedly changed.

This post isn’t necessarily meant to be an “announcement”, rather, just a way to communicate to many who mean a lot to Lynzie and I. And for those of you who are not directly part of our lives, this really is written with a certain crowd in mind that means much to us and for those who have invested heavily into us, and will likely not mean that much to you or effect you in any direct way.

After the first of the year, Lynzie and I will be accepting a position at Conway’s First Baptist. I know there seemed to be a lot of building up to something that seems so minor, but for us, this is a big step. The Lord has led us in this direction and after many weeks of discussing it and praying over it, we feel we are being led to serve there.

Antioch has been my home for, I’d say, all 4 years of my residence in Conway. For Lynzie, it goes back quite a bit further. Needless to say, God has used Antioch in a HUGE way in the lives of the Brewers. It’s where I met my wife. And she’s beautiful. Aside from that, Antioch has been a great part of my growth and provided a constant outlet for the work that Christ has done and continued to do in my life. It has provided opportunities I could have never dreamed of and opportunities to serve that have played great parts in the plans God made for it before I was even there.

So all that being said, we love the family God has allowed us to be apart of for so long and look forward to seeing the ways He continues to glorify Himself through His call on our lives.