Pro-choice advocate: you’re not revolutionary. You’re Lazy.


I have made peace with the fact that the convictions of others will not always line up with my own. Not everyone will go about certain items of business in the same manner as me, even if our convictions align. Read more ›

Abortion: Slaves to Silence.


This a follow up post to an article I wrote last week entitled A note to the mom considering abortion. The response from that post has been overwhelming. From those who disagreed to those who were in full support of what was said, it was encouraging overall to see the dialogue continue.

Upon writing my previous post, I have evaluated Read more ›

A note to the mom considering abortion.

You are tired of hearing from people like me. You are tired of hearing from Christians who seem to be judging you. Your inkling is that I am here to lambast you. But, let me comfort you with this: you are loved. You are created in Read more ›