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In July of 2008, I made the decision that I needed to move away from Oklahoma City and register for school in Arkansas.  I am faced with near daily reminders that the move was one of the best decisions I ever made, whether that be waking up next to my wife (who I met in Arkansas), or playing with my kids (two of whom were adopted in Arkansas), or where life has us now- on track to moving back to OKC in the Summer of 2017. What made the decision of moving away from home in 2008 easier on me  was that one of my very best friends agreed to make the move with me. From rooming together the first year of college (that’s a story!), to lovingly being referred to as “The Oklahoma Boys” to everyone we encountered, Thomas has been with me through it all. In fact, our story goes back further than 2008- we have known each other literally our entire lives. Telling Thomas & Courtney in July that we’d be making a move to Northwest Arkansas for a year before moving to OKC to plant a church wasn’t only a bit of information to them but doubled as a pitch for them to join us.

On many levels, Thomas and I couldn’t be more different. Overshadowing that though, is how much Thomas and I understand each other. Lynzie and I have learned so much from the Mobly’s over the last 4 years. They have been our home group leaders and have walked with us as we learned how to lead students in our ministry. The Moblys are not only bold and capable leaders, but two of the most intentional and generous servants we have had the chance to do ministry with. They are our best friends and they also happen to be the best friends of our four kids!

I’m so excited to announce that the Moblys will be joining us in OKC! Here’s something that Thomas wants to share:

“We are extremely excited to be a part of this team! For 18 years OKC was the place I called home, and now God is allowing us to go back to help start this body of believers. Courtney and I are both passionate about seeing people’s lives changed by the good news of Jesus. We have no greater calling and honor than to show people the love of Christ and tell them about the God we follow. It is our hope that people in the OKC metro area would be reached with this good news through our efforts and for the glory of God.

Over the past several years we have served at our home church in Conway, AR through student ministry and leading a home group. Building relationships with people and helping them grow as believers is something God has given us a passion for, and one of the hardest things we will have to do is leave those relationships behind in Conway. I can’t describe how hard that is going to be! But God is faithful. We have seen this truth played out in our lives countless times, and we know He will remain faithful as we move and start this new life in Oklahoma. While we are sad to leave friends, family and our church, we are filled with excitement and joy to see what God will do in this new church. To God be the glory for what he has done in our lives up to this point, and to God be the glory for what He is going to do in the journey ahead.”

We can’t wait to get to OKC and we are thrilled to welcome Thomas & Courtney to the team!


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Husband to Lynzie and dad to Emilee, Gabe, J.B., and Beau. Lead Pastor of Grace Harbor Church in Oklahoma City.

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