A note to the mom considering abortion.

You are tired of hearing from people like me. You are tired of hearing from Christians who seem to be judging you. Your inkling is that I am here to lambast you. But, let me comfort you with this: you are loved. You are created in the image of God whether you want anything to do with Christ or not. You are valued and grace is available to you.

I will not remain silent on the horrifying topic of abortion. Abortion is wrong and it strips a human being of it’s dignity and right to life. However, when I speak so boldly and strongly on the subject of abortion, you are not the target, per se. While you are in danger of doing something you will regret, you are valued, treasured, and loved.

You are also vulnerable. Vulnerable to what you feel you will actually lose or miss out on if you have this child. Vulnerable to what you think you will gain by getting rid of this child.

I fight against those who want to take advantage of your vulnerability. Jesus cared for vulnerable people.

Those who seem to be on your side are actually not on your side at all. Where it may seem that they are fighting for you, you are merely another project that can help them with an agenda that they believe will give them more freedom, more liberty and more voice. They don’t care for you. You may be saying “I don’t need your sympathy. I’ll make my own choice!” I believe the choice is yours and for that choice, you are the only one responsible. But, the voices of those fighting for “liberty” are aware of your place of despair and worry. The ones who got on a camera and lied to you about being void of regret and full of health and vitality, they contribute to your decision. They believed a lie and are believing a lie that it will all get better.

You are correct in that if you have this baby, you will have to make sacrifices. Life may not go exactly the way you had planned it out back when you were a dedicated, hard-working, goal oriented high school senior. You may really not know how you will care for this child or how you will feed yourself and them. You may be right in that you can’t afford this baby. The day a boy took advantage of you and gave you something that wasn’t in your 10 year plan has virtually ruined your life.

These concerns you have are legitimate.

I don’t stand for or beside your ensuing decision but I stand beside you as a friend who cares about the long term effects this will have on your mind, body and soul.

While you feel that the abortion doctor, the nurses, those encouraging you to “make your own choices based on what is best for yourself” are standing hand in hand with you, they will soon be done with you. They will move on to their next patient, their next income opportunity, and their next “project”;  anything that will contribute to their overall agenda. The way they speak to you empowers you and justifies a terrible decision. They make you feel that it will all be ok. They make you feel that you are fighting for something you will gain when it is something that will ultimately rob you of joy, happiness and sanity. To them, you are worth nothing more than a breathing, walking, pregnant billboard that will help them succeed.

Here’s the thing, Jesus stood alongside a bunch of people who were vulnerable. In your mind, Jesus doesn’t care for you. But the truth is that you are not a shock to Him. Nothing about your dilemma surprises Him and He already knows what decision you will make. In fact, even before you spent 9 comfortable and safe months in the womb of your mother, He chose to make grace available to you.

Jesus is with you now and in the tragic instant you decide to proceed with this decision, He will be with you then. But I’m begging you, don’t. When you run across someone who tells you that hell is your destiny, know that that is not the voice of Christ. Turn to Him and He will embrace you, provide for you and love you.

If you have had an abortion, the offer of God’s grace still stands. Additionally, I am upset with those who would make you feel worthless and hopeless based on a decision you made. Again, your decision didn’t shock Him. But the grace and rest and peace you will find in Him will shock you. Run to him.

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Husband to Lynzie and dad to Emilee, Gabe, J.B., and Beau. Lead Pastor of Grace Harbor Church in Oklahoma City.

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